How to Make a Bowline Knot



Introduction: How to Make a Bowline Knot

A bowline knot forms a loop that does not slip.You can use it for sailing , camping , and even fishing.The good thing about it is that it is easy untie, even if it is really tight.

Step 1:

Position the rope so the end of the rope is facing you and the rest is away from you.Hold the main part of the rope snugly about three feet [90 cm] from the end.The size of the loop will determine the distance.Ten inches [25 cm] farther down the loose end , roll the rope between your thumb and forefinger to the left , allowing a small loop to form.Hold the loop.

Step 2:

Insert the loose end of the rope back to front through the small loop , creating a large loop.

Step 3:

Continue by taking the loose end above the small loop , then continue to the right around behind the main rope and down through the front of the small loop.

Step 4:

Pull the loose end and the main rope tight.

Step 5: How to Untie Your Bowline

Pull the little ''U'' shaped piece of string as shown in the picture.

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