How to Make a Card Board Gun




Introduction: How to Make a Card Board Gun

intro: this is how to make a card board gun it is very simple so just follow the steps come along with me :)

materials: scissors, lots of card board, sharpy marker, picture of a gun, hot glue gun, paint

Step 1: Card Board

find a piece of card board. you are going to need a lot of this ( its better if the card board is big )

Step 2: Finding and Copying

find a gun on the internet that you like. then copy it down on the piece of card board

Step 3: Cutting and Pasting

cut out the trace of the gun from the card board. then trace the gun you like again and cut that trace out. then glue the two traces together keep doing this till you have the right thickness of your gun.

Step 4: Painting

next take what ever colours you want and paint the gun

Step 5: Finishing Touches

then you can add any finishing touches you want to like shaping the barrel or clip

conclusion: now you have your card board gun have fun with it. remember you can make any kinda gun in card board with these steps :):):):0

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    7 years ago

    Good idea


    7 years ago

    Put orange tape on front of gun also if you r going out in public.