How to Make a Hair Stick




Introduction: How to Make a Hair Stick

these r the list of items u need

1.piece of plastic wood about 6 inches

2.file set (6 items)

3. anti cutter

4.fine sand paper (1200 grade)

5. drill bit of 1/16 size

6. pen or pencile

Step 1: Now Mark the Wood With Ur Design by Pencile

draw ur desired design on the plastic wood piece and remember the length u wanna make it cause ur design should be according to that i am taking 5 inches for length.u can take as u like

Step 2: Now Cut It Slowly With Anti Cutter Carefully

now cut it slowly with ani cutter carefully. then it will look lyk this image

Step 3: Cutting Da Edges and Making It Even

cutting da edges and making it even with anti cutter .then it will look lyk these images

Step 4: Making Its Smooth

this is the step which have to do with patience and care

using da file make it smooth and give it shape as u desire. i wanted to make is rounded shaped so i used different types of file to smooth it and give it there are curves so i used different file for different curves, made my work easier and fine

Step 5: Now to Make It Fine

now use the sand paper (i used 1200 fine sand paper for it) to make it more fine and smooth.then it will look lyk these images.

Step 6: Make a Tiny Hole at the Top and Ornamentation

make a tiny hole at the top with the drill bit (1/16) with hand , it is plastic wood so bore it hand dont use drill machine or hand drill just use ur hand.u may skip this step cozz i made to use some string for little ornamentation

now u can either color it or keep it as it is . i used a glue called araldite and gave it a think coat for Lillie strength and glossy effect.

now i am using wooden beads for ornamentation u can add what ever u lyk.

Step 7: Final Outcome

well tried to show something hope it helps

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    Wow it looks really nice, I bet the waves really help the hair stay up and the beads are so pretty!