How to Make a Minecraft LEGO Block

Introduction: How to Make a Minecraft LEGO Block

in this instructable i will teach you how to make a LEGO block in minecraft, and then turn it into a house!

Step 1: Frame

make a 12x6 frame and then fill it in (you can use whatever color you want, I just used red).

Step 2: Build Up

add 5 blocks to the walls for a 6 block total height.

Step 3: Studs

add studs one block in on both long sides, two blocks apart.

Step 4: Make It a House

I added a door and steps to make it a house.

you can also build another one to one side of this one (in a different color) and one centered on top (again in a different color) to make a really cool house!

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    6 years ago

    Would be cool if players dont kill in Multiplayer , you know , who wont want that cool house?! They will come in with swords , tear through you and take control of it. Would be great if you would make a Hidden House..