How to Make an (harmless) Fake Virus.

Introduction: How to Make an (harmless) Fake Virus.

Viruses are lethal, usually... But we are going to make a harmless virus that can be used to trick your friends!

Step 1: Open Notebook

Right click, then go to new --> text document

Step 2: Code

Write this code first-

X=MsgBox("Message Description",0+16,"Title"­)

1. You can write any number from 1,2,3 or 4 instead of 0 (before the '+' symbol) Below is the meaning of these numbers:

0 = OK Button,

1 = OK / Cancel Button,

2 = Abort / Retry / Ignore Button,

3 = Yes / No / Cancel Button,

4 = Yes / No Button,

5 = Retry / Cancel Button

2. You can write 32 or 48 or 64 instead of 16.

Below is the meaning of each number:

16 = Critical Icon,

32 = Help Icon,

48 = Warning Icon,

64 = Information Icon,

for this example I am going to write:

X=MsgBox("Failed to open my computer, do you want to fix it?",4+48,"warning"­)

Step 3: More Code

Now let's do more code!

X=MsgBox("Failed to open my computer. do you want to fix it?",4+48,"warning")
X=MsgBox("Unable to fix error. do you want to scan your computer",1+48,"Scan")

X=MsgBox("A virus was found. Delete virus?",4+16,"Alert")

X=MsgBox("Unable to delete virus",0+16,"Critical Error")

X=MsgBox("Virus is activated",2+16,"alert") X=MsgBox("Deleting system files...",0+16,"File Deletion") X=MsgBox("Virus is Copying your password",0+16,"Virus Alert")

X=MsgBox("Uploading data to server. Do you want to stop it?",3+64,"File Transfer")

X=MsgBox("Could not stop. File transfer complete",0+16,"Complete")

X=MsgBox("Your Computer is hacked",0+64,"Info")

Copy this to notebook or write your own code.

Step 4: Save

go to menu --> save as

Step 5: Save (2)

save the file as my computer.vbs

Step 6: Make It a Shortcut

Right click on the folder and select Create shortcut

Step 7: Change the Picture

now rename the shortcut to My Computer

right click and select properties

Step 8: Change the Picture (2)

Click on change icon

Step 9: Change the Picture (3)

Select the icon you want, I am going to select the computer icon.

Step 10: Now Let's TEST IT OUT

Let's test our fake virus prank!

Step 11: FINISH


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    Question 5 weeks ago

    how can I make it so the answers do stuff? like open a file, or a tab in a web browser?


    5 years ago

    nice I made a similar one and pranked a friend;)