How to Make Flat HV Capacitor for Mini Tesla

Introduction: How to Make Flat HV Capacitor for Mini Tesla

materials needed

Step 1: 1. Insulator

cut two insulating plastic
13X4 in

Step 2: 2.Marking

place one sheet over your reference glass and tape it

Step 3: 3.cutting of Al Tape

cut two Al tape and 2 more plate for the terminals

Step 4: 4.placing Al Tape

place your 1st Al tape over your insulator make sure that it has proper spacing 1X1 margin.
2nd Al tape on the other side,
use the 1st attached as your reference to avoid miss leading.

Step 5: 5.terminals

fold your two plate both side for about .3 and .4 in
at 4 in cut its edge as it shows on the picture.
remove the paper then fold it to cover the sticky part.

Step 6: 6.terminals 2

place your two plate terminals as it shows on the picture.
flatten it.

Step 7: 7.test

test the capacitance
it reads 3.06nf as of now.

Step 8: 8.folding

put your 2nd insulator at any side of your plate.
make sure that there's no scars on it.
see figure

Step 9: 9.folded

fold your plate 1in from Al tape then tape the end plastic.

Step 10: 10.test 2

test the capacitance using DMM

Step 11: 11.flatten It.!!!

place your cap over a towel, cover it then roll over your roller or you can flatten it using hammer.
make sure the Al is flat.!!

Step 12: 12.test 3

now test it again.
It reads 5.22nf

Step 13: 13. Charging and Run Test

I run a test using my flyback and zvs driver for about ten sec. to warm up the insulator and Al.
for my 4th test it reads for about 5.7 to 6nf after a run test,
good enough to power my tesla coil,
its easy and quite g00d than rolling + space for the other cap in 0ne r00m,, it can hold my 63000v zvs flyback, :-D

1c s 2c s 3c//4c s 5c s 6c
my tesla can give an output length for about 3-5in
how much m0re if i put 50caps in it,
easy and cheap.
hope you like it.

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    8 years ago on Introduction

    This is interesting!

    A little description up front would be helpful, perhaps to explain what this is, how it is used, and the benefits of making it yourself. Just a thought. :)


    Reply 8 years ago

    Thanks :-)


    8 years ago

    So smart! Thanks for shearing :)


    Reply 8 years ago

    Make it long for you to have m0re capacitance, and use 2.6 thickness gauge insulator,
    add heat sink or fan, if using high voltage and amps,