How to Make Magic Spicy Tea....

Introduction: How to Make Magic Spicy Tea....

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epic and soooooo beautiful tea...

Step 1: Take a Pan and Fill Items in It ..

take a pan and add some water , milk and tea spicy masala in it ...

Step 2: Now Add Magical Substance in It ...

take a ginger and put it in the solution . take cardamon and also put it in the solution .

Step 3: Leave It Stir .....

leave it stir for almost 15 minutes.

Step 4: Now Separate Liquid.......

separate the liquid and store the liquid in a glass just separate the solid substance from liquid.

Step 5: Leave It in Freezer ......

leave it in freezer for an hour and after it we can see the small ice droplets on the surface of liquid.

Step 6: Finally Garnish It.......

garnish the magic spicy tea and enjoy it.

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    4 years ago

    what do you garnish it with?