Introduction: How to Refoam a Speaker Without Foam (cheap Way)

hello people 

yes this is my first instructable. bla bla bla  you know the drill.
15 years old i"m not a native english speaker i'm from holland. 

here we go

i'm gonna show you have to fix the a surroundless speaker. 
just some stats :
new quality : 100%
broken surround quality : 50%
new replace surround quality: 95%
diy cotton replace surround quality: 90% <- the one in this instructable

Step 1: Preparations

what tools you will need:

paint brush a smal and big one if possible ( cheap one is ok).
a good sharp pair of siccors .
screw driver 
utility knife 
wire cutter 
some thing to attach wires again 

stuff you need to buy( if you don't have them already )

(fast)  wood glue (the white one).
cotton ( can not be seen through if streched).

Step 2: Repairing It (video)

skip to : 0:35 for the repair

if you have any questions just ask.

good luck!

camera used: gopro hd hero 2
edit software : magix video deluxe2013