How to Sneak Around: for Kids and Adults




Introduction: How to Sneak Around: for Kids and Adults

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Hi everyone! ananymous bass playing android here. I'm here today to tell you about how to sneak around. works if your stealing candy, playing nerf, or spying on your parents. if no one likes when you are loud (wich you probably are) be silent... AND GET REVENGE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! now for the instructable...

Step 1: A Golden Rule

Most kids just think spying is simple... tiptoe, hide behind things, be quiet. WRRROOONNNGGG! the golden rule is act as if someone is watching you at every moment. chances are, someone is. but that's unimportant. seriously. I'm a professional spy bot. (are you wearing a pair of pants? ha! I'm rightoroony!)  I bought training books from russia and U.S. to train spies, pulled out the stuff thats not lies full of hatred, and, uh, well... posted it. here it goes.

Step 2: Moving Part I: Indoors

see, moving is the tough part. you can get caught easier. however, try these things for help...
- on stairs and wood surfaces, walk on the ends and edges. they won't be as creaky.
- if you hear motion, hide and stop for 30 to 60 seconds. if nothing happens, move on.
- try to be wearing socks and gloves. they won't leave prints, you can slide in them, and they're not loud like shoes.
- wear dork clothing and binoculars. if you can, steal a uniform. binocs will help you scout out guards.
- carry a quiet weapon. a switchblade will do.
- travel in less used passages. 

Step 3: Moving Part II: Outdoors.

outdoor sneaking is much more different than indoor. you have to have better timing, better caution, and better vision. but, if you have all three skills, you may just get it.
- stay below the horizon. DO NOT run out in the open unless you are facing death and can dodge bullets extremely well.
- hide every once in a while just in case.
- try to travel at dark. you will be less visible.
- follow any percaution rules of part one.

Step 4: Hiding Part I: Indoors

hiding is as important to snooping as wine is to frenchman. it can keep you alive, find valuble tools, and even help you find info. now you're possibly saying to yourself, " who is this guy? should I report him to the police?" if you are, you're an idiot. i'm retired.
- don't hide in an area that people are going in and out of.
- don't make too much noise, or someone get you busted.
- do hide quickly  and quietly.
- wait untill all danger is clear to keep moving.

Step 5: Hiding Part II: Outdoors

if you're outdoors, generaly you try to get out as quick as possible if you're smart. if you do stop, this is how:
- hide behind something where at an angle, someone can't see you.
- imagine being a guard. if one passed, would he see you?
- be smart, resourceful, and carefull. good luck on your mission.
thanks for reading!

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