How to Throw the Perfect Sleepover

Introduction: How to Throw the Perfect Sleepover

How to plan a sleepover is pretty easy just follow these steps!

Step 1: Food

First you want to focus on food . Don't try to go over board. They'll think you try to hard. So maybe some pizza or hot dogs are a nice thing. For older kids(13-16) try something like hamburgers and fries or ribs and chips.

Step 2: Entertainment

You need to find a way to keep kids entertained so try a movie.
5-10: try barbie, smurfs, or maybe dinosaurs.
11-16: ant thing rated pg
Or it depends on what your child likes

Step 3: Bedtime!

No one loves bed time but if your guest has to leave early I would suggest a bedtime at about 9:00. If they don't have to leave early then 11:00 is a good time.

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    6 years ago

    Great ideas! I do love pizza!


    Reply 6 years ago

    Thanks! I hope this was helpful.☺