IPhone 5/5s or Early Generations PVC Amplifier

Introduction: IPhone 5/5s or Early Generations PVC Amplifier


-2 Coffee cups

-PVC cutter



- knife

-Valencia pipe 1.25

-Drill and Drimmel

-Spray Paint(Optional)

Step 1: Cut PVC Pipe

Cut the PVC Pipe to 9 inches with PVCC Pipe.

Step 2: Drill Hole in PVC Pipe

Use a drill to drill a hole for the iPhone to fit in. After using drill use a dremel to make the hole big enough for the iPhone.

Step 3: Draw Circles on Cups

Draw circles with a marker (sharpie best), so the PVC pipe can fit through them.

Step 4: Cut Circles Out

Use a knife to cut out the circles that were drawn with the marker. Try to make these as accurate to the circle drawn.

Step 5: Connect Cups on PVC

The two cups that you cut a hole in, connect on two ends of PVC pipe with hot glue.

Step 6: (OPTIONAL) Cover All Holes

cover all holes with tape to spray paint outside.

Step 7: (OPTIONAL) Spray Paint

Spray paint all sides with any color of your choice. Make sure to cover all spots.

Step 8: (OPTIONAL) Remove Tape

Remove all tape covering the holes when paint has dried.

Step 9: (OPTIONAL) Paint Over Small Spots After Tape Removed

Use a paint brush and spray paint to cover all spots that did not get sprayed after the tape has been removed.

Step 10: Play Music?

Turn music on phone to any volume, and put in hole of PVC pipe. Listen to your music being amplified.

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    7 years ago on Introduction

    I like the idea. It would also work well using plastic picnic cups, which might be more durable. Alternatively, paint PVA wood glue over the paper cups. PVA glue will dry to a clear plastic like coating. Also, I'm not sure you need to put masking tape over the phone hole, just let the spray go in. It will save you painting over it when you remove the masking tape and will give a smoother finish. The silver though looks awesome and gives it a real techie look!