$10 LCD TV Floor Stand




Introduction: $10 LCD TV Floor Stand

I have a 32-inch LCD TV that needed a custom stand to mount it at the foot of my bed as I don't have the room for a normal TV stand.

The hardest part for me was locating the M4 machine screws that will fit the standard 100x200 VESA mount of the TV. Every hardware store I checked around me only carried the SAE screw thread patterns.

I lucked out last week and finally found my screws in an IKEA KOSING (200.512.01) drawer pulls for $2. I took a chance on it having the right screws since I didn't carry a caliper with me and the package did not specify the screw size. It came with 24 screws 12 each in 3/4-inch and 1-inch sizes so my pulls still have a complete set of screws after this project.

Other materials needed was two 2x4x8 that I had left over from another project. Always good to have them around. A 6x10-inch piece of half-inch plywood (1 inch of material around the 100x200mm mount which translate to around 4x8 inches). A number of 8x3-inch drywall screws to attach everything together. Six washers - I don't know the exact size but it measures 11/16-inch outside diameter and 1/4-inch inside diameter.

Step 1: The 100x200 VESA Mount From Plywood

Using a speed square I drew a center line 1 inch in from one of the long (must be straight) edge -- I marked this edge and used it to measure all the others lines from here -- Very Important to note this in case your 6x10 piece of plywood is not squared off as mine was not (that's what happen with scrap wood). Then I measured 100 mm and drew the second center line parallel to the first. Draw a center line 1 inch in from the short side with the speed square along the reference edge I marked earlier. Measured 100 mm from there and draw corresponding center line. Measured 100 mm from this line and draw the last center line. Where all these 5 center lines meet are the required holes for the 100x200 mount. Using a caliper and speed square I checked all center lines to make sure they are the right dimensions.

I used a little nail to drive into those six cross lines and remove it to help start my drilling. I used a 5/32-inch drill bit to drill the six holes for the mount. I dry fitted them to the back of the TV with the 1-inch screws to make sure they were correct. I had to widen 1 of the holes and it went on beautifully.

Step 2: Cutting the 2x4

Measured my desired eyesight line (ground to your eye level) to be 48 inches. This is the distance I want the center line of the LCD panel to be at for comfortable viewing height. I marked the center line of the LCD panel on the back side of the TV to measure to the top screws for VESA mount. Added that with the 1 inch overhang and got 53 inches. Subtract 1 1/2-inch for the thickness of the 2x4 and cut my two 2x4 to 51.5 inches. One of the left over 2x4 is used for the bottom.

From the left over piece, I cut 2 4-inch spacers you see in the picture. The left over piece is then cut 1 last time to 2 equal pieces for the counter balance at the bottom. The balance pieces have a notch cut out to fit over the bottom 2x4 at 1.5x3.5 inches.

Step 3: Putting It All Together

In a perfect world my 2x4s would be perfectly straight. Sadly I must live in the real world and adjust for the 2x4 imperfections through the drying process. Actually you just need the section of 2x4 that attaches to the VESA mount to be flat the rest would not matter much. So that is where we will begin the attaching process. Make sure your 2 long pieces of wood are the same lenght and squarely cut -- if not adjust now.

Attach 1 of the 4-inch spacers 1.5 inch from the top of the 2x4s with 2 drywall screws on each side. Attach 1 side first then using the speed square (or any straight edge) across the top to attach the other 2x4 to make sure they are all squared off. Predrill your holes to help with screwing them all in. Attach the other spacer half way down.

Now remove the VESA mount from your dry fit (your reference edge should be at the bottom -- retry if it wasn't) if you didn'lt already and mount it to the stand with 2 screws on each 2x4 and 1 on the spacer. To determine the right height measure down from the top 6 inches on each 2x4 and connect those two marks with the speed square. Do NOT use the speed square on each 2x4 independently with the marks as I first did -- for if the 2x4s are not perfect your 2 lines will not line up. This is the line the reference edge of the VESA mount should line up to. Center it to the stand to make sure you will have room in the back for all the screw holes when attaching to the TV.

Measure and mark the center point on the base 2x4 and measure out 2 inches from center. Attach the base to the stand with the 2 screws on each 2x4 aligned to the marks. This is where the imperfections of the 2x4 will show up the most. If you look at the first picture you will see that there is a gap at the 2nd spacer and where the stand attach to the base, one of the 2x4 is not squared off.

Stand up your pieces vertically and attach the counter balance pieces to the base with 2 screws each next to the vertical stand. I had gaps because my drill width is too fat for the pieces to sit right next to the vertical ones. It would look nicer if they were but doesnt matter in my case since it will be hidden by the bed.

Get somebody to hold your TV as you attach it to your brand new stand with the screws and washers.


Step 4: The Lynchpin to My Project

The beautiful Kosing with the requisite M4 machine screws. My counter balance pieces are 1 sided since it will be under the bed and I have the computer unit in the back of the stand in addition to the fact that the center of gravity tips the unit forward not back. But if you have your stand free standing in the middle of the floor then just make your counter balance pices longer and fit it to both sides of the stand for security.



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    2 years ago

    I made 3 of these for 40" TVs - with slight modification to the TV mounting part - for temporary use with a flight simulator project. Pretty easy to build overall. Beefed up the strength a bit at the bottom where the verticals meet the base bar. If you live with a female companion, you might get some flack about the a natural look, but paint and appliques will take care of that! Good basic design and quite sturdy.

    I was in need of a cheap stand to get my 32" LCD off the ground. I made a very similar stand from your plans here. I only spent $8 on wood and $5 on wood glue. Very economical and utilitarian :P. Thanks!

    1 reply

    Thats awesome! I improved a little on my stand. I also added a 2x4 behind the TV for my Playstation 3. I see you are an Xbox fan though. Cant wait for the PS4.

    Love your TV stand! Would you be willing to make and sell something like this? I'm looking for a TV stand for my 40" Samsung TV.

    1 reply

    Sure just give me the dimensions to the samsung back of the TV. I will cut the wood and everything to size and you can pay for shipping. Take a picture of the back of your TV. I hope its an LCD and not heavier than 100 pounds. and measure all the holes from center of each holes to the next. That way my final Vesa Mount will be perfectly fitted to your TV. I will include assembly instructions you buy the screws from local home depot. The screws for the VESA mount will be your responsibility. I have a hard enough time to find those for my own TV.

    This is a nice design. Only thing id add is a swivel hinge. Also make it out of oak wood so its more sturdy.

    1 reply

    I'm not sure about your hardware store, but mine doesn't sell Oak 2x4s. And if it did, I bet they'd be expensive, which would defeat the purpose of the $10 television stand.

    This is great. I have a 22inch monitor I picked up at a garage sale for $3 with no stand. This will work great! Thanks so much for a beautifully simple solution!

    I tell you, if space is an issue:

    First off get an inexpensive, made for the set wallmount. TARGET has the ones that simply tilt for around $65 and the flexible ones (right, left; in, out; no up down) for around $100.


    Second, as you are handling the mounting hardware, attaching it to the TV, before you mount it to the wall, try to judge the balance.

    The object here is to find an old industrial fan base or the like, 50# or so, to attach two square steel tubes to, perhaps a casting in cement in an oil sump pan. These tubes would ultimately attach to the bracket you previously attached to the set.

    HERE'S THE CAVEAT: The r*e*a*l stands are crap and too expensive but they are safe. Mount it to the wall first, live with it. If you hate it you can always use the bracket for your nefarious plans later. I will draw you up something, not expensive, not  overly ugly. Just promise to give the wall first crack!

    Tom Randol tomran047@sbcglobal.net "God, please save me from your followers!" - Bumper Sticker "Fill what's empty, empty what's full, and scratch where it itches." - the Duchess of Windsor>

    1 reply

    Tom, Thanks for the advice. Yeah your solutions would be much sturdier and would require more time looking for parts. The stand was sufficient for what I needed at the time. It was quick to design and build. Went to school for Electrical Engineering. I didn't have the option of mounting to wall. Nowadays, there are much cheaper wall mounts sold everywhere. Frys, walmart, best buy, monoprice. I've moved and have a much better LED tv now sitting on a cheap walmart stand. Gave this TV away already.

    what do u think about trying this type of stand for a 50". long story to the how and y i have a 50" for my bed room but hey sometimes we need to spoil or be spoiled...problem a: it was a display model so no stand or bracket or anything to stand it up. problem b: like u space is an issue, i got the tv same time i got a new king bed...which have yet to find platform bed i like(or are able to build) so looking for ideas for the tv stand....even the cheapest one at local stores concern me about stablity on that big of a tv. thanks

    1 reply

    Sorry, didn't check back in so long. Depends on how heavy your 50 inch is -- as long as it does not overcome the shear strength of the 5/8-inch plywood then you are good to go. Otherwise replace the VESA mount with a piece of scrap steel and you should be good. Also if your 50-inch is heavy around 130+ pounds then you will need a couple additional brace for the bottom 2x4's. Use a miter box to cut a couple 2x4 to support the additional weight. Let me know if you need additional help beyond what is already stated here.