$100 Super Bright Flashlight for Under $10!




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Let me say right up front that inspiration for this Instructable is credited to dchall8 for his Tactical Flashlight Instructable. I thought there had to be an easier way to mod a smaller flashlight with less hardware and one that took less time. I put this one to the test against my Surefire E2 that cost $95.

Watch the video for Test Results! You will be suprised!

Step 1: Here Is All You Need...

1. Eveready Contractor Industrial Flashlight
Model #IN215WB-S. These are impact-resistant with a heavy-duty casing that withstands a 5-foot drop test on concrete. Resistant to grease, oil, gasoline and solvents. Shock- and corrosion-resistant.

Step 2: Item #2

Three (3) 123 3 volt Lithium Batteries.

I chose Duracell Ultra but you can find them CHEAP HERE!

Step 3: Item #3

One (1) Radio Shack KPR112 Krypton Flashlight Bulb

Step 4: Last Item

5/8" Drill Bit or file.

Step 5: EZ Steps...

1. Disassemble the flashlight, removing the AA batteries (if installed) and factory lamp. Unscrew the top and then unscrew the small lamp housing to get to the lamp.
2. Install the Radio Shack lamp and re-assemble the housing
3. Drill or file down the ridges inside the flashlight to make room for the 123 batteries
4. Install the 3 Lithium Ion batteries and screw on the bottom.
5. Turn it on!
(Optional: I painted mine black satin to make it look like the real thing...and it IS!)

Here is the video of the whole project along with Test Results! Enjoy!



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10 years ago on Introduction

This is pointless. You change the bulb to a higher voltage one and overpower it and call it a super bright flashlight? i give it a 0\5

14 replies

Reply 9 years ago on Introduction

Its not a mod, it is simply changing components, Did you know that kipkay makes profit every time you watch one of his videos?


Reply 9 years ago on Introduction

Actually the bulb does over heat and it melts the plastic lens if you let it run over 10 minutes.

@ReCreate: How is changing parts not a mod?  If you change the OEM parts on your car is it not referred to as MOD-ified?  And not that it matters but who cares if KipKay makes money from his videos?  No one is forced to pay and watch them.


Reply 3 years ago on Introduction

ajax517, I made this with a maglite 6 cell Krypton replacement bulb (LWSA601) and it melted the flashlight just as quickly as over powering a 6v bulb. Now I use a 3watt 4.5v-9v bulb and 2 14500 batteries. Really easy, and in good flashlights the heat disipation is okay.


Reply 9 years ago on Introduction

 ajax517 over powering a bulb is a mod just a basic one  (plus mod is so broadly used now it not even funny) and second depending on how much voltage is added to the the bulb at normal will over heat it and make a fire. but the fire will not be like and explosion of mass destruction the light bulb that he is using has a non-flammable gas in it and there is nothing on that flashlight that would combust so where would the fire go?


Reply 9 years ago on Introduction

The light itself probably won't catch fire but left near anything combustible it could very likely start a fire.



I built this, though during the process I destroyed the piece of metal that runs along the flashlight to connect the negative to the bulb.

Is this an easy fix??? Any help??

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Reply 3 years ago on Introduction

Use 2 3.7v 14500 Lithium batteries and you won't need the drill. Yeah, you lose 1.6v, but, really, is the difference between a 5 cell bulb and a 6 cell bulb really that big a deal? I use a 3watt 4.5v to 6v LED.


4 years ago

I like a good quality led flashlight but i find myself usually grabbing one of my reliable modded Incan flashlights instead. I'm not sure if I'm the only one who has noticed this but whenever It is foggy, rainy, or snowy outside, Incan flashlights seem to cut through it better than led.