[Collegiate Meals] Pretner's Mom (Toad in the Hole? Egg in a Blanket? Egg in Toast?)





Introduction: [Collegiate Meals] Pretner's Mom (Toad in the Hole? Egg in a Blanket? Egg in Toast?)

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For awhile, I did a Saturday morning breakfast every weekend for friends. The menu started to get a bit expansive. Pancakes, Waffles, Bacon, Eggs, Bacon in Eggs, Toast, Eggs in Toast, Sausage and any combination thereof and I think I had chipped ham once :P

Here's a delicious meal, snack, whatever, that you eat with your hands :)

Step 1: Ingredients

Medium to Large Eggs

Very short list :) 1 Egg per slice of bread and you may season it however you'd like.

Things that are tasty to add to your egg:
Diced Onion
Diced Pepper
Crumbled Bacon
A sharp cheese - shredded

Things that are tasty to put on top:
Cream Cheese
Whipped Cream
Fresh sliced Fruit Cured in Sugar*

*May not be so hand friendly

Step 2: Prep and Cook

Again, I'll be using my grill/griddle/panini machine. But you can use a pan or griddle ;)

Cut out a rather large hole in your bread - large enough to fit slightly more than the volume of one egg. Crack an egg into a small bowl and prepare as you like (I'm doing scrambled). Add any seasonings/extras at this time.

Use butter or a cooking spray and lube your cooking surface(s) which have been preheated to a medium to medium-high heat. I use the bread holes to ensure my butter is spread evenly. Place one slice of holy bread and pour the contents of one egg inside. If using a panini machine, allow 10 seconds or so to help prevent/slow down leaking eggs under pressure.

Slowly lower the griddle lid (if applicable) and cook.

With panini machine: 3-4 minutes (to desired egg doneness) -- your egg may push the cover up slightly
Pan: 3 minutes or so on first side -- flip quickly (unless sunny side) and cook an additional minute to preferred doneness.

With a panini machine, it is very likely that you're egg will "pop" and spew out egg as mine did. This is normal as cooking from both sides prevents a way to relieve internal pressure (thus the egg puffs up and pops). This is just the egg telling you that if you like your eggs runny, it's just about done ;)

Step 3: Serving Suggestions

I love this with cream cheese spread on top. This particular cream cheese has honey and nuts... very tasty. This also makes an excellent side with pancakes.



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    disclaimer - the below is to be pronounced in a British accent and was written with an obscure British sense of humour...sorry? As a Brit I must stop you there my good fellow! Toad in the hole can only be one thing and that thing is a delightfully British invention involving a sausage cooked in a kind of batter known as Yorkshire Pudding (similar batter to a pancake...but not an american pancake ... a BRITISH pancake- also fundamentally different). Its basically a poor mans food but it kept us going through the war till you yanks got off your bums (Ta again for that chaps, you saved our bacon then...but not like american bacon ...or canadian bacon...BRITISH BACON)!

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    I read that in a Hugh Laurie British accent - Hi-lar-ious! As a Canadian - I love it! :-D

    This is Birds in a Nest. Toad in the Hole is bangers (sausages), baked in a casserole dish with Yorkshire pudding. Both of which are delicious, btw. :)

    These are Hens in Nests at our house ;)
    We do like some others have said: slather up the bread with butter, drop it in the pan, crack the egg right in the middle and cook over-easy (or over-medium in my case). Ready made to scoop up all the yummy yoke goodness.

    Here is my technique for making perfect circles in bread.
    The nice thing about this you get nice crimped edges, the circle pieces of bread can be frozen or used right away for some other recipe, and there is no sharp edges to get cut on so a young child can do this.


    I decided to try this a few weeks ago, but couldn't remember the name of it. So I let me kids name it. We decided on:

    Wholly Toast or Holy Toast (depending if it's Sunday or not).

    It's Called Breakfast Cups I had to make it in foods class one day so im sure the Recipy is out there somewhere .... All you do is butter a peice of toast cut lines into the corners Fold it up into a Muffin tray and bake it untill it looks like toast then fry up some scrambled eggs and bacon break up the bacon and put it ontop of the Eggs if you want you can add cheese to :D

    That's what I do too, use a small drinking glass to make the hole.  A donut "cookie" cutter works extremely well also, if you've got one.

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    My aunt made these for me when I was a kid, and she used a shot glass to cut the hole. She also called them "Moon over Miami" eggs. Put a little bit of finely shredded cheese on them and you have "Sunrise over Miami" eggs...

    My friend does this, it is incredible. She uses a drinking glass to make the hole, then grills the hole part, too; we all think the toasty bread hole is one of the best parts of this delicious breakfast!

    Just finished eating one of these. Absolutely delicious. Egg, bacon, cheese, and bell peppers. Amazing.

    I used to make these all the time. The best way to cut a whole is to use a suitably shaped wine or champagne glass. If that isn't around you can use one of those egg rings but that doesn't prompt you to have an early morning drink :P Also, lightly toast the bread before you put it in the pan. Then you get a good contrast between the crunchy toast and the gooey egg (runny eggs are the best). If you butter the bread before you put it in the pan then you can cook the circles which you cut out then dip them into the yolk. Or rub it in the oil you line the pan with, either way, just get them crunchy. Dad said that he used to call them "flaming assholes" when he was at college, but when I was in a British high school it was called it "toad in the hole".

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    We called them Floating Eyeballs. But that was without scrambling the eggs.

    I could never eat something like this for breakfast. But it would make a nice lunch.

    My grandpa always called them Texas one eyes or one eyed jacks. The Texas was probably from the Texas toast that is used. Also, for the hole in the bread, I use a small glass kinda like a cookie cutter. A cookie cutter would probably work best but I don't usually have one of those in my dorm kitchen.

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    Yeah, my mom also called these one eyed jacks. Toad in a hole is when you take a mini hot dog or sausage and wrap it up in biscuit or crescent roll dough, and then bake it. She's from England and I'm from California. Just thought I'd add to the tracking data on the names. :)