[blog 2006-04-19] Laser-engraved Leathermen


Introduction: [blog 2006-04-19] Laser-engraved Leathermen

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Check out the laser-engraved Leathermen from the March project contest!

We'll have our laser-cutter at the Maker Faire this weekend, so bring your phones, Ipods, digital cameras, chocolate bars, and laptopsto be custom engraved. Or, bring material to cut a stencil or CAD artwork.

If you can't make the Faire, there is another way to get one of these sweet tools! One of our judges, radiorental, has put his prize up for auction to aid non-profit Tulgeywood, which will put people with and without disabilities together for two weeks this summer to windsurf, socialize, perform, race outrigger canoes, paint, ride horses, and do other activities.



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    Really Neat! I've never thought of having the graphic go across both sides, I've just done separate designs... But this looks great.

    what tip of metal is? TRY ETCHING it(if is cooper or zinc)

    Sweet. I wish I had a laser cutter/engraver....smile

    Invalid Ebay Item :-(


    11 years ago

    wow that turned out good


    12 years ago

    Hi there instructables just want to say thank you for the prize pack you sent me for the projects i submitted in march.. the t shirt fits and the leatherman juice s2 is the prettiest multitool ive ever seen. thanks again (i will cherish it always) lenny