[blog 2006-05-30] Wired Rave Awards - the Power of the Individuals


Introduction: [blog 2006-05-30] Wired Rave Awards - the Power of the Individuals

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Instructables won the Wired Rave Award for Industrial Design this year! The Squid Labs team got all dressed up and went to the reception where Wired's editor, Chris Anderson, gave a wonderful toast to all of the winners. He said each winner represented the innovative work of individuals in areas that were usually dominated by big industry, and that, "They inspire new ideas and most of all, they inspire us."

I feel this is particularly true of Instructables, where each new Instructable inspires even better Instructables, and individuals can have impact just by showing the things they are passionate about.

I dug a little deeper into this theme for a talk I gave at an Institute for the Future conference themed "What companies can learn from DIY culture." The main point of my presentation was that it is becoming easier for individuals to innovate, and that companies need to start looking to these people -- the Makers, the DIY'ers, the Instructables community -- for their next ideas. And further, these people probably already exist within the companies; they just need to be given a chance to show their passion.



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    11 years ago

    Congrats! You guys are really going right way! ;) I think it is just one award of hundreds you will get. ;)

    Viva la Instuctables!


    12 years ago

    Hey, who's the cute guy in the suit?

    Congrats guys :)

    Congratulations! If anybody deserves an award for their work, it's you guys!


    12 years ago

    Congrats! You guys deserve it. I'll need to live to 145 to complete all of the great and inspiring projects I've found on this site.

    Sexy photo boys, although I think Saul needs to get out of SF for a bit (o; congrats!!!