****Crochet-Santa Hat and Scarf****

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Santa Claus Hat and Scarf

Scarlet Red-Lion Chenille 2 skeins
Fun Fur-Lion Pink 1 skein
Crochet Hook G

Using pattern number: 40310 Santa Claus Scarf

Single Crochet lengthwise scarf using 1 1/2 skeins of red chenille. I did alter this from the pattern to keep the edges straighter. The pattern calls for back and forth turning on the width. I crocheted lengthwise until the desired width was obtained. Double crochet three rows of fun fur pink on each end creating the FLUFF. Using large eye needle, weave in ends.

Using pattern number: 40309 Santa Claus Hat

Single crochet in circular pattern following the instructions given on the website: www.lionbrand.com

Double crochet three rows of fun fur pink around brim of hat. Weave in ends.

This was a fun project that only took one weekend to complete. My 8 year old daughter went with me to the store to pick out her colors. She also learned to crochet this weekend with me. It was a great mother and daughter fun filled weekend with a good project completed in the end. My daughter shows off her new hat and scarf to everyone who will listen. I'm so very proud to be able to do this for her.

Thanks lionbrand! We love the fun fur so much, we did scrunchies pattern number: 40409 from the www.lionbrand.com website. I made each girl in her class a scrunchy of their school colors.

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    Thanks. My daughter likes it a lot. Thanks for the comments. The yarn that was used is very soft. This was the first project for me with the chenille.

    Thanks so much for your comments. My daughter, Age 8, will someday, make something special for her kids one day and pass on the tradition. That's what my mother did for me.


    11 years ago on Introduction

    So cute & fuzzy! I'm such a sucker for fuzzy yarns- will have to give this a try.

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    Reply 11 years ago on Introduction

    This is the first fuzzy thing that I made and we love the soft feel when it's done. (Especially, since it will be put up against my daughter's face, it has to be fuzzy.) We like fuzzies. Thanks for your comments.


    Please vote for us for the Lion Brand Yarn Challenge. If we win, the yarn and gear will go towards a mother/daughter team. My daughter just learned to crochet last week.