" Π " Pi Pizza




Intro: " Π " Pi Pizza

-Want to do something on pi occassion. Here i tried this mathematical pi pizza to surprise my guests.


- pizza dough

- tomato puree

- spinach

- I used capsicum,mushroom slices for topping

- Grated cheese

- Red chilli powder or pepper

- salt

Step 1: Procedure:

-Jus simple as you make normal pizza but i created in pi shape.

-Take pizza dough and create pi shape as shown in my pics.

Step 2: Add Toppings:

-Apply tomato puree and add your favourite toppings and grated cheese.

-For little spicy add red chilli powder or pepper and salt.

-Bake at 200 degrees for 20 mins and serve yummy pi pizza.

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    That Redhead

    2 years ago

    Bwa ha ha ha ha! So funny, so creative, so delish! Best of luck!

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