♥ 1 MINUTE BEACH COVER-UP (no Sewing) ♥




Introduction: ♥ 1 MINUTE BEACH COVER-UP (no Sewing) ♥

This is a really fast and easy to do beach cover-up.

It look really cute and you can wear it in many ways.


You need:

-a large piece of jersey (or any light fabric, stretchy and that doesn't fray);


-measuring tape;

-a piece of chalk.


Cut a large rectangle in the fabric.

I cut mine like this:

WIDTH: the measurement from my hand to the other, with my harm open, about 170 cm (67 inches);

LENGHT: from the bottom of my chin to the top of my knee, about 104 cm (41 inches).

★ you variate the inches on your own body measurement, and you can decide if you like it a bit shorter or longer on your leg.


Cut an oval hole in the exact middle of the width, about 12 cm (about 5 inches) from the top edge.

The oval I made is 32 cm wide x 24 cm high (about 12x9 inches).

The hole may seam small, but jersey is really stretchy, and it will fit just fine. A suggestion is to make it the same size of mine, or smaller, and enlarge it slowly, if it is too small.


You can wear this in different way. This is the more basic one:

1-Place the cover-up like in the first photo, with your harm exiting from the hole;

2-Hold the top edges with your hands, flip them cut across in front of you;

3-Tie the two edges on your back.


-ones that you have cross them in front of you you can roll them to each other before tie them on your back (5°photo);

-ones that you have cross them in front of you you can pass one of the edges in the hole on your side and than tie them on your back.

Step 5: DONE!

Done! In a minute you have a cute beach cover-up!



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    33 Discussions

    This is really pretty. If I make one will I look like you in it, cause right now I'm 4'11" and weigh 125. If I won't look as good as you then I'm not making it. lol. Just kidding. Nice job. Would be pretty in any color but the black looks very sophisticated.

    1 reply

    I like it, but I wonder how it would look on a big woman. Any pics, before I cut up a bunch of fabric?

    3 replies

    Hi, I can't make any picture on a big woman at the moment, because this is made for me, and it need to be made on the measure of who wear it…but I think it will probably look nice too.

    A suggestion is to make the main rectangle bigger, but start with the same measurement of the hole, because the jersey is really stretchy, and also if at first the hole will appear small, it just fine when you wear it. Than if is too small, eventually enlarge it a bit a bit, until will fit.

    (I hope my english were clear enough)

    Thanks, but making it bigger isn't my concern. Wasting money on destroyed fabric for a dress that looks like crap on a plus size woman, is really more my focus

    In general what is designed for smaller people does not look right on larger folks even when made big. That said it is obvious by the pictures she would have no way of knowing how her design would work or fit on someone with a more ample figure. The only way to know is to try and well this type of fabric is not that expencive and I am sure you can use what is not cut (just the neck hole is missing from a larger piece) for something else later on.

    seamstress by trade. (yeah im a guy) and that is just the best ive ever seen it done.

    Simple, practical and well executed.

    But please forgive me, I still can figure out (in my head) the 3rd photo is step 4.

    Where did that little triangel on your left come frm ?

    6 replies

    Thanks. My 12yr old neice made 3 in f45minits for her nad her friends then showed me. She made one addition however. A very light and almost invisible seam around the cut-out. Very impressed with her skills. Not so impressed with her using my 100% cotton fabric. So impressed she gave you the credit to her friends and didnt claim it. I thinking she will have to make moccasins she saw on your account to make up for the lost material.

    hahaha. ordinarily I would agree with you. but being surrounding by 6 women, 7 high speed machines, alot of noise, fast talking, and ALOT of SHARP and Loose equipment I wisely surrendered in the 3 months to them all. PLUS they make theeeee best ! Lunches.

    I made an additional tie on of ruffles for my daughter. She loves it. it makes the cover-up a bit longer when needed. All of her friends are asking her where she bought the 2 pc. cover-up.

    1 reply

    Would be nice to see in a color or pattern even so we can see beyond the solid black. The black is very dark & hard to easily see exactly how the folds go. Otherwise, this is kinda cool!!

    1 reply

    I am a seamstress and this just blew my mind!!!!! I love the easy instructions and no sewing. You are a genius by far. Thank you for sharing this instruction and I hope you win : )