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Introduction: ~ 1 Step Belt Holder ~

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The Problem...

Trying to store all your belts threaded on a hanger results in a big mess because they all pile on top of each other and the one you want is always at the bottom. If you try to lay them over a hanger they just fall off and the whole mess takes up too much room. 

The Solution....

Take a 1/2" diameter plastic hanger and clip about 12 x 1" paper binder spring clips on to it.   DONE!  The build is complete  in under a minute, holds 20 belts and cost me nothing because I had a hanger and the clips sitting around.  No need to buy a $20 dollar belt rack and install it.  It's completely portable, hang it anywhere and move it anytime and very easy to use.

To Use...

Push the belt buckle pin up through the binder clip handle (pic # 2) and let it drop down to trap the belt (pic #3). Reverse to remove the belt. 1 second to add or remove a belt and you can use both sides of the binder to hold and organize your belts.  The best thing is that the whole assembly hangs on a closet rod neat and clean and thin.  You can remove any belt and leave the rest without digging through a pile.  (I have my belts organized black on 1 side, brown on the other and long ones on the top rungs :) )


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    5 years ago on Introduction

    This is also a great idea for all the accessories of a costume that may have several hanging items. Great job!