-7.5Kv Portable Generator

  ...What did I Make? Here is a small project I built myself; the project is a portable -7.5Kv generator. I made this just to express and develop my curiosity for high voltages. I recieved my parts from http://http://www.goldmine-elec.com/ and those parts where the module itself, the mains switch, the terminated extention cord, and the clear project box. The tools I used where a soldering iron, to 'well' solder and 'shrink' the heat shrink, and a drill, to drill a hole for power output and GND.   ...How does it work? It runs of mains power and the high voltage is generated by a special transformer in the module. The module is so efficient that even when running for hours very little heat is produced! I first got the idea for this proect by surfing the web and I found the module. Then I wondered what could I do with -7.5Kv which spurred many ideas, like fraklin bells. Also my project design was a constant throughout this entire project except for the addition of the mains switch.   ...Where did I make it? I mad the portable generator in my basement lab which is dirty as one could see from the coffe stain on the table.    ...What did I learn? I learned more about high voltage electricity and how it interacts with the enviorment and other components. Throughout the experiment there where no challenges for it was a very simple but intresting build. Also if I had to do this again I would add an indicator LED and I would introduce some way to control the output voltage... a pot maybe?   >>>This is an entry for the Make-To-Learn contest so I would appresiate a vote and since this is my first instructable I would appreciate feedback, thanks! 

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    bro can u make this available without the download option i.e. free to all


    Reply 6 years ago on Introduction

    Some applications can be high voltage lighting EX. CFl's and camera flash tubes, high voltage EX. Franklin bells, small, high frequency sparks, and a negative ion generator.