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If like me you have always dreamed of decorating the walls of your small apartment in a Curiosities Cabinet style, but don't have the money, you've come to the right place! I will show you how in a simple, practical, fast and economical way, you can decorate the walls of your home like a Curiosities Cabinet with only old-style images from old natural history books and what to fix them with!

FRENCH VERSION :http://insolitis.com/tuto-decoration-murale/

Step 1: [ S U P P L I E S ]

( 1 ) OLD NATURAL HISTORY IMAGES from books, colouring pages or prints. ∗

* TIP : You can get this type of old illustrations in 3 ways:
> Old encyclopedias or books about nature, animals, insects and plants.
> Images on the Internet with the keyword "Natural History" to be printed.
> Colouring books on nature in the style of Natural History.

Step 2: [ D E C O R a T I N G ]

( 1 ) Start by choosing and cleaning with a dry cloth the wall you want to decorate.
( 2 ) Then take all the natural history illustrations you have.
( 3 ) Choose the ones you want, from different or similar themes.
( 4 ) Then choose the fixing solution adapted to the characteristics of your wall:

  • PAINTED WALL? Choose discreet push pins or double-sided adhesive tape.
  • WALLPAPERED WALL? Choose discreet push pins.
  • PLASTER WALL? Choose fixing paste.

( 5 ) Fix the illustrations on your wall: by unique or varied themes and aligned or staggered.
( 6 ) Step away occasionally to see if the rendering is harmonious, adjust it all and that's it!

Step 3: [ E N J O Y ]

For my walls I have chosen themes as varied as: shells, insects, birds, crustaceans, plants, flowers and fruit trees, arranging them in staggered order for a more sophisticated look. As for the illustrations, I chose them monochrome in order to keep the Shabby Chic look of my off-white walls!

Here you go, your wall is decorated like a Curiosities Cabinet, all you have to do is repeat this tutorial in all the rooms or on all the walls you want!



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