-DIY- (multi) Color Your World

learn to use picmonkey to make this kind of collages, photos or to photoshop your dress/shoes/hair a different color. Picmonkey is a free online photo editing program. also on my blog

Step 1: Upload + Black and White

start with uploading your image to picmonkey then make it black and white

Step 2: Color

use the eye tint option and select the piece you want to color
don't hit the apply button yet

Step 3:

choose a nice color and use print screen (fn + prt sc) and paste this in paint
(this is because if you save on picmonkey you will lose your selection and you have to start all over again)
than select your photo and crop and save
than select an other nice color
and repeat these steps till you have enough photos

Step 4: Collage

than use the collage option in picmonkey
select your photos and put them in a nice collage
save and your done!



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