-Dremelathe- Small Multitool Prototype




Introduction: -Dremelathe- Small Multitool Prototype

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This is my simple "multitool", its based to dremel rotary tool.

I wanted a machine that i could use for making all little things that i need.

It can be used with drill too, if i need more torque for making bigger parts.

This instructable contains only videos, but the idea and how i made can be seen from those.

Im making better version from this one atm.. i hope i get it finished soon.

Step 1: Making...

Part 1 is from making the frame.

I used 3mm steel, i found it to be best choice for me. Wood would be too thick, and thinner steel too "wobly".

Part 2 shows how i connected dremel to the frame, third video is from the drill conversion.

Beltsander attachment can be used with lathe or without.

You can see it from this instructable:

Belt sander attachment

Step 2: More...

These two videos are actually just to test what i could do with the one motor.

First prototypes, second version will contain many improvements for adjusting height etc..

Alltought it will be more complex too...

But maybe you this gives some ideas to you too.

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    3 years ago

    Sheesh - you should see if you could market this.