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Not well known for its refined artifacts, horror cinema still has some treasures. Among them is the emblematic box from the film Hellraiser. A real jewel of goldsmith's art, it comes in the form of a puzzle cube made of gold and mahogany wood, capable of opening the doors of another dimension. Both superb and essential to decorate a shelf of films or movie figurines, its replicas are unfortunately often sold out of price... Wishing to make a small base for the villain's figurine of the movie, here is a small tutorial to show you how at a low price and in a very simple way, I created this pretty cube with the basic material I had on hand, while keeping the elegance that characterizes it !

Step 1: [ S U P P L I E S ]

( 1 ) WOOD CUBE available in the wood section of craft stores for about 3$.
( 2 ) CUBE ORNAMENTS available on the Internet, to print on paper.∗
( 3 ) GOLD-COLOURED PAPER with metallic effect.
( 4 ) SCISSORS classic.
( 5 ) GLUE strong or multi-support.
( 6 ) WOOD VARNISH dark color.
( 7 ) BRUSH classic .

∗ You can find these patterns by searching with the keywords "Lament Configuration Template", from the name of the ornaments of the box. Here, I used the black and white version to make the details appear better printed on the gold-coloured paper.

Step 2: [ B a S E ]

( 1 ) First, varnish the wooden cube with the wood varnish.
( 2 ) Apply another coat of varnish if necessary, then let it dry.
( 3 ) Then print the cube patterns on the gold-coloured paper and cut out each square.
( 4 ) Then apply the glue to one side of the cube.

Step 3: [ C R a F T I N G ]

( 5 ) On the glued side, start by gluing one of the one of the printed ornaments.
( 6 ) In order to glue the cube ornaments in the right order, do not hesitate to use the official cube as an inspiration.
( 7 ) Repeat steps (4) and (5) for all sides of the cube.
( 8 ) If you want the edges between the paper squares to be cleaner you can easily use a classic black or gold coloured pen to colour the edges of the
( 9 ) Leave the cube for a few hours so that everything is properly glued.
( 8 ) The cube is finished!

Step 4: [ E N J O Y ]

The cube is ready to decorate a shelf full of movies, figurines, books by its author Clive Barker or a Hellraiser cosplay!

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