_ HULK Is ZOMBIE _ ________(PIXLR)

Introduction: _ HULK Is ZOMBIE _ ________(PIXLR)

About: my name is dilroop singh i m very much crazy in editing pics >> i was recently was choosen As Graphic designer for www.itoall.com

Hii guys !!

Yesterday at Noon i thought to make hulk a zombie !!! then i worked on it to get some pics get some idea of scene !!

here is what i made , n i think he looks nice in this outfit , more dangerous

But before lets learn Pixlr what what it was  made
goto link : 

ets start :
i usually say to get scene pic that could be included n be part of image

>> get some RIBS , Stomach , Bones 

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Step 1: Separate Hulk + Add Ribs

>Use selection tools to separate the hulk from background 
eg Wand tool, u can also use features like feather

After the model is separated

Add the image to be used  goto   File > Open > image name

when image is opened (Ribs)-
>rub the part with ERASER TOOL that is not  required .

Note :
You need to dubble click to the background layer and remove the lock and u will get transparency on rubing.

After u got part that can be used 
in the image being created

use layer style from layer menu and set it to darken to have good color effect ,

u have to see the best layer style which suites ur image

End step : duplicate hulk n bring one to top layer
and remove the part of ribs with eraser with hardness 75%

Step 2: Stomach + Intestines

> Same Way process the intestines and bring back the intestines on model between the duplicated layer and the back layer <

use Hue & Saturation to change the color of the intestines to dark green and saturate it 

Use layer above to have outer part of which is not dark ...

next step- making brush :
>download some blood spatters 
> open in pixlr
> make sure the part which u want is not white else invert the color
>goto edit >> define brush

now u can use the brushed pic as brush :)
select blood(just guess kinda dark red ) color  

make the wall of stomach to be red

i Also used INNER GLOW layer style to have some dark green shade over it

Step 3: Blood All Over

Making Blood ALL over
1. Apply blood all over with as many as different spatter types as u can get from net 
2. make their Brush and use it

in layer panel CTRL + CLICK on thumbnail of layer to select whole elements in layer

Widening Mouth 
1. use smudge tool to have mouth widen 

Step 4: Adding Bone

Separate Bone from pic and give in hulks's hand with neat and clean way and then select layer with CTRL + CLICK on thumbnail

once the layer with bone is selected use blood spatters to have bloody bone to which hulk is holding

you can also have outer or inner glow to make the effect look cool

Step 5: Adding Pumpkins + Making Background

Here i downloaded Pumpkins from net and used them .

1. open image 
2. use selection tools to select pumpkin and separate it out 
3. add to working layer by just copy and paste
4. add as many as u want 
5. IMPORTANT STEP : to make a genuine photo add some shadow to the pic at bottom

Making background
1. also add some noise to background
2. use a new layer in which you add the  the gradient with black and tranparacy to have some dark ground
3. adjust the colors 

Step 6: Any Problem

I wrote this tutorial so fast , if u have problem to do any step just reply below 

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