" How to Make a Simple Catapult "

Introduction: " How to Make a Simple Catapult "

Hi guys, i want to make a catapult but in a easy way.. usually catapult are made from a woods and and rubber but i want to make it using plastic bottle and ballon


Knife, scissors, ballon, and plastic bottle and you can use a rock for the bullet

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Step 1:

Cut the bottle, and don't forget to open the cover bottle because we don't need that.

Step 2:

Next we cut the bottom of that ballon using scissors after that cut again the ballon.

Step 3:

Next put the ballon on the bottle just like in the picture then we use the bottom of that ballon to make it tight so when you use it the ballon is not fall apart.

Step 4:

Final step, grab a little rock put in the ballon then pull the ballon and fire!!
U can use this to play with you're friend or self defense:D

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