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Introduction: ♡ Make Your Own ZINE ♡

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Hi hello!

Today, we're going to make our own personal zine. I made mine as a gift for my parents' anniversary.

A zine is like a mini magazine that you can easily create at home! It can be about absolutely anything:

  • A gift for your family and friends with a letter
  • Diary
  • Gratitude journal
  • Things you adore
  • Bucket list
  • Fashion collage

Making a zine is a special way to unwind from the day's, or even a month's worth of stress. It makes you look around and realise the things that truly mean a lot to you. Plus, it is very easy to make and you can use just about any materials rolling around on your desk.

Let's get started! :)

Step 1: Gathering Materials

i.e. Gather ANYTHING and EVERYTHING that you want!

Here are the basics that you will need:

  • Paper (I used an A4 paper)
  • Glue
  • Scissors
  • Pens

These are optional:

  • Glitter
  • Coloured papers
  • Craft papers
  • Washi tape
  • Paper doilies
  • Stamp
  • Stickers and labels
  • Magazine cut-outs
  • Sequins
  • Polaroid picture
  • Pressed flowers

Step 2: Making the Book

We will first begin by making the book:

  1. Fold your paper in half.
  2. Open it and fold it in half in the other way.
  3. Open it (landscape) and fold in the sides to the centre.
  4. Open it and fold it in the wide half.
  5. Cut the paper (both layers) along the orange line.
  6. Open the paper and fold it in the narrow half.
  7. Make it stand like shown in the 8th photo.
  8. Pinch in the opposite sides of the rhombus and fold it into a shape of a book.

Step 3: Labelling the Pages

Before you open your book back into a flat piece of paper, label each page as well as the front and back covers with a page marker so that you know which page is which when you're decorating.

Step 4: Decorating the Front Cover

Now it's time to fill in the pages!

You can start from any page you like, but I decided to start with the front cover. I cut out some paper doily and wrapping paper and decorated it with some washi tape, flower stickers and glitter.

Again, this is your OWN ZINE. Fill it in with your thoughts, creativity and ideas. You can set up a theme if you want to. I will explain how I decorated my own pages for some ideas.

Step 5: Filling in the Pages (1)

My first page is something that I'm very passionate about: travelling.

I cut some tissue paper into little pieces, glued on some clip-arts on top, and decorated the page with some star-shaped glitter.

Step 6: Filling in the Pages (2)

The second page was for the things that I was grateful for.

Some small, some little things, but altogether making me so incredibly happy ♡

Step 7: Filling in the Pages (3)

I absolutely adore this page ♡

I drew (I tried..) Winnie the Pooh and Piglet and inserted a quote:

"How do you spell love?

You don't spell love, you feel it."

AHH, perfect for an anniversary right?

Step 8: Filling in the Pages (4)

This page is filled with some wonderful places to visit.

And of course I added some glitter. (It makes everything so adorable!)

I decorated this page with some craft paper, printed-out polaroid picture and some stickers. The print-out is from http://www.stellaireblog.com/, which is where I got the free printables AND where I was inspired to make a zine!

Step 9: Filling in the Pages (5)

The last two pages are for my parents' unconditional love.

These are my favourite pages from this zine and I absolutely adore the vibe I get from them.

"Let's be brave and kind and love more than less."

Again, p e r f e c t for an anniversary! ♡

Step 10: Decorating the Back Cover

Time to decorate the back!

I used an old clothing brand tag that I kept because I loved its design. I glued it on top of the page and wrote out the date and whom this zine was dedicated to.

Step 11: Making Copies of Your Zine

This step is completely optional.

If you would like to make copies of your product and give it to your friends and family, go for it! Let them know that the world is still full of love.

Step 12: Wrapping Your Zine

Again, this step is completely optional.

I decided to wrap up my zine in a clear plastic bag and some fabric tape.

Wrap it up for your family and friends, or yourself!

Step 13: Finished Product

My parents loved it!

I'm sure you and your friends and family will adore it too.

I hope you enjoyed this little project I put together. Happy zine-making!

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