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There's a forum about a pet photo contest and I pulledout some of my pets photos. I have a dog named Willy and I had a cat named Kitty. I took most of the dog photos and my mom and dad took the cat photos. The first one was on this small table in my upstairs living room. I liked it because she was on a table. I liked the second one becuase she was outside and she has fluffy fur and sun bleached fur from sun bathing. The third one was with a flash and her eyes reflected the light and then it looks like her eyes are like magical. I liked this one becuase I love my dog and I always wanted to take pictures of her. My dad is holding the leash in then rain becuase we were going to take pictures of rapids of these two creeks. That was the fourth one. I think this one was taken by my mom. The fith one is pretty good actually and then background is cool and the texture is cool. The sixth one is of my dog and she's in front of my wood stove. She was excited. This next one was at Christmas. She was under the desk. That was the seventh one. The eighth one was on the lawn when my dog wanted a belly rub. I thought it was cool how the shading apeared. The nineth one was in my downstairs living room when she was chewing on her bone.



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    I saw the fourth picture and I was like, "where is his left leg? Is that bone a prosthetic leg or something?"

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    cool pictures. Your cat looks like a siberian. lucky you if it is a pure breed. I have to pure breed sibierian cats but they are kinda rare.

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    Aw, I want your kitty! :D Anyways, I love the picture of Willy in the grass and of you and her; she looks like your sidekick!

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    LOL! I didn't even post a picture on this instructable with me and Willy together. In fact, I'm not in these pictures.

    i have two cats and had two cats and three dogs(the cats are dead and one dog is dead).