~ Neapolitan Sundae ~




About: I'm a fun loving gal that is old enough to know better and to young to care ^.~ Plus I crochet ❤️ and I love to attempt to cook lol .

Hiya's Everyone! I hope that today finds you all well and happy :0)
This design may look complicated, but it is actually very easy to do! And i just love it. Makes me hungry for ice-cream lol.
So sit back and enjoy and have fun ^.~
Please make sure to comment and Thumbs up :0) Stay tuned as there are more fun designs heading your way :0)
See you all soon,
~ ♥ Amber ♥ ~



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    7 years ago on Introduction

    I'm trying this out right now and so far so good! thanks for such a simple guide :) x

    Hi there :0)
    Yes, you can use a toothpick, pin head, pencil or pen tip, actually anything that is small and can be used to make dots :0) Thanks for commenting and have a great evening ^.~