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Sometimes happens that your pc runs out space. I have watercooled pc wich takes all extra room behind front panel.

I had only one slot available.

I wanted to control my computers cooling with a fan controller, also i wanted to have optical drive in it.

(yes, i still need it sometimes)

So. I decided to connect those two... of course there's other possible locations too.

But i liked the idea, and i didn't need to shape the actual casing at all.

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Step 1: Frame..

Frame is made from steel.

Very simple structure. Hinges are made so that front panel "swings" out of the front panel, that allows it open proberly, and it also fits nicely on its place.

Step 2: Mod..

Actual mod is very simple.

I removed the lcd screen from the fancontroller, and soldered flat cable between lcd and circuit board.

I used old fdd cable.

Step 3: Mod Continued..

Circuit board is placed back of the frame, so that connectors are easily accessible.

Optical drive is from the laptop, its placed on top of the frame.

Under the optical drive is still some extra room, so that i can place one or two 2 1/2" ssd.s under it.

(that makes it ideal for small cases, like htpc)

Of course i had to make window to the optical drive too, mod without a window ain't mod at all. ;)

Step 4: Finished.

Simple frame holds optical drive in its place.

Whole packet connects standard 5 1/2 slot with screws.

Thanks for checking it out.

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