!!! Selling Knex Serpent Spiral Coaster





Introduction: !!! Selling Knex Serpent Spiral Coaster

About: I am muslim and i live in leicester. i'm born in england but my parents are asian. i like playing with knex. i have around 18,000 pieces. I don't think there are any other muslim knexers so I'm probably the ...

I'm selling this set due to needing some money.
If anyone wants it please put an offer underneath.
I live in the uk so i can post anywhere in the uk. you'll have to pay for postage
any questions please ask underneath



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    I'll give $2 for it

    i don't mind for £12
    how quick do you want it.(this is to get a cheaper postage)

    youll hav to wait just a litle like this much. . ineed to finish packing and all that.
    sorry for the delay

    again i'm so sorry but someone just offered me £13 for it.
    i ain't even joking.