Introduction: -=!TRI-COLOR LED MOOD-LIGHT!=-

I like The Arduino a lot so I decided to make a Instructable for a L.E.D. MOOD-LIGHT that goes like this:
And So on.

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Step 1: -=Parts=-

You Will Need:
1x Yellow LED
1x Red Led
1x Green Led
?x Jumper Wires
3x Resistors
1x Arduino UNO
1x Solder-less Breadboard
20x Minutes

Step 2: -=Place the LEDS=-

Put The LEDS onto your breadboard as show in the picture.

Step 3: -=Connect the Negative Leads=-

Connect the negative leads of the LEDs to the negatve rail. 

Step 4: -=Add the Resistors=-

Add the resistors to the positive leads on the LEDs.

Step 5: -=Connect GND to Negative Rail=-

Connect the GND pin on the Arduino to the negative rail on the Arduino.

Step 6: -=Connect Pin 13=-

Connect pin 13 on the  Arduino to one end of the resistor connected to the green Led.

Step 7: -=Connect Pin 12=-

Connect pin 12 on the Arduino to the resistor connected to the yellow Led.

Step 8: -=Connect Pin 8=-

Connect pin 8 on the Arduino to the resistor connected to the red Led.

Step 9: -=Get Coding=-

This is the Code:
(Made By Me)

Just copy and paste into ARDUINO!

  This Code Is Made By Building_Boy For Instructables.
  It Will Cylcle Through A Red, Green, And Yellow L.E.D.

void setup() {               
//Delcare pinModes
  pinMode(13, OUTPUT);
  pinMode(12, OUTPUT);
  pinMode(8, OUTPUT);


void loop() {
  digitalWrite(13, HIGH);   //Turn On Green LED
  delay(250);              //Delay
  digitalWrite(12, HIGH);   //Turn On Yellow LED
  delay(250);              //Delay
  digitalWrite(8,HIGH);     //Turn On Red LED
  delay(250);              //Delay
  digitalWrite(13,LOW);     //Turn Off Green LED
  delay(250);              //Delay
  digitalWrite(12,LOW);     //Turn Off Yellow LED
  delay(250);              //Delay
  digitalWrite(8,LOW);      //Turn Off Red LED
  delay(250);              //Delay

Step 10: -=How to Change the Speed=-

To change the speed you need to open the code and change all of the (1000) into smaller numbers (For best effect use 250 on all the delays.

Step 11: -=!DONE!=-

Just Load the Code And You are done!

Now you have a cool mood-light!

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