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Step 1: Take Your Time, We Have to Shave So Learn to Enjoy and Relax

Dip the brush in the water and lather your gel up
Apply, while face is still warm, liberally to all shaving area
try and take a moment to let that shaving gel soften those bristles

Take the razor and shave downwards on your beard (with the grain)
Take your time, we have to shave so learn to enjoy and relax
After shaved, empty the bowl and run Hot tap
Swill bowl and refill with hand-HOT water again



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    What i have found to eliminate razor rash totally is to use a hot cloth to soften your beard . Then use a good quality 3 blade razor of coarse.. But the most important thing for me was to use soft soap.. fill your hand with some soft soap , then put some water in your hand with it . Its makes the soap bubbly in your hand . Spread it on your face . What you will find is you really have to lean over the sink because all those little hairs go right thru the cracks between the razor blades and just plop all over the place. Which is a good thing . What i have found is that the razor burn comes from when you use shaving creams . The cream and the hairs clog up the razor.

    Assuming you mean the British 10p coin, the diameter is 2.85 cm or 1.1 inches - just for those who don't have one on hand.

    I've started using a coal tar fragranced bar larther, it's real nice on the skin too :-)

    I use a combination of two soaps one is plain and the other is a Cream with Menthol, Also when Adding water to the bowl ,I throw a little hot water in then dump it , Add a little bit (about a tablespoon or so ) then slap the brush around . lathers up wonderfully!