" Capri Juice Tote Bag" - Summer Tote Bag - Halloween




Introduction: " Capri Juice Tote Bag" - Summer Tote Bag - Halloween

Make Make a "Summer Tote Bag" and "A "Trick or Treat Bag" to use for summer time go anywhere  tote bag  and later turn it into a Halloween tote ...  summer bag or easily add Halloween Decoration.

Supplies for Bag:
42 Juice packages (washed & dried)
Clear regular tape
Sewing Machine
" Luggage strap" for handle or  something suitable - heavy / strong  ribbon
Clothespins (for extra hands) /or clips

Halloween Decoration:
6 Juice packages (washed & dried)
Pumpkin pattern
Markers - black, orange, yellow & green
2 sets - of 10 count battery mini lights
3-4 Binder style paper clips
Large nail or ice pick

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Step 1: Preparing Juice Bags

Preparing  Juice Bags  is possibly the longest part of this project.
After someone has enjoyed the juice make a "slit" across the bottom of the bag.
Wash, Rinse and Dry and Flatten each bag. 

Note: I allowed the bags to drip dry /air dry... then using a paper towel I made sure that the inside of  each one was completely dry.  (otherwise you might end up with a "moldy" project)

Step 2: Organizing the Bags

Now that you have washed and dried all 48 bags.  Organize the bags into a pleasing pattern . Mix or match.  There are four sides and a bottom to this tote bag, plus the light-up pumpkin panel.

12 bags each on front and back
6 bags on each small side
6 bags for the bottom
6 bags for Pumpkin Panel.

Step 3: Taping &Getting Ready to Sew

Because these  are "foiled" bags I chose not to put straight into the bags because they would leave holes or marks in the bags. I taped the bags into place.  Put tape and overlap edges on the wrong side (silver side) one small piece of tape will do, just enough to keep the bags lined up for sewing.

Do not tape together too many at a time because they may come loose when handling 2 -3 is a good number.

Step 4: Start Sewing

Experiment on a separate juice bag to make the decision on what size zig-zag  stitch you want to use, once that decision has been made you  can start to sew.  I used a tight stitch.

Start sewing the over lapped edges of the first two packages (you should have overlapped them when you  taped them.) Make sure that you are overlapping and sewing  in the same direction  so you rows will be in completely even rows.

Step 5: Sewing the Sides Together

After sewing several rows,  attach the completed rows together  Start sewing panels to each other.
Sew two panels one front (or back) and one of the sides on outer edges so that a corner is formed.

Note: If you sew  panels together as you did the individual panels you will not have " crisp sharp corners"

Step 6: Bottoms Up

To begin to sew the bottom -  sew  3 sets of two bags together . At this point align these three sets with one of the large side panels  (front or back panel)  so that the bottom width will be a perfect fit.

Note: when I aligned the bottom I put the middle set upside down only for cosmetic reasons, the pictures  would have been slightly covered.

Step 7: Handles

The handles were made from luggage straps, but any sew-able heavy ribbon should work. these are approximately 20 inches about one half of the strap. Cut two handles  clip into place then sew folded the top stitch .. (back stitch for security) ...

Step 8: Pumpkin-faced Panel

Light-up Pumpkin faced panel is made from six bags. Sew in two rows of threes then sew theses two rows together.  I used the silver side of the panel for my lighted pumpkin.

Use a pumpkin pattern or free-hand draw the pumpkin on to the silver side of panel. Use permanent makers color  the pumpkin because it allows the "shininess"  come through. 

After coloring  mark dots for lights depending on how many lights you have. (These lights were purchased at a reduced price after Christmas.) Use a large nail or ice pick to punch holes for the lights.
A Tight Fit is what is needed for security, use tape to hold in place on back if not a tight fit.

Clip the light-up panel to the top of one side of the bag,  clipping in place will allow for other uses of bag after Halloween. (sew on if you'd like)

Step 9: Finally...

Finally the light-up pumpkin tote is ready to be used for
and ready to go shopping or use for a carryall tote afterward.
Be Safe and Have fun!!!!

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    8 years ago on Introduction

    About how much weight can the bag hold? Does there seem to be any signs of tearing at the seams when the bag is full?