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Tweezers tweezers tweezers... What can we use them for?

In this Instructable, I'll show you 8 unusual uses for tweezers. Let's get going!

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Step 1: Peel Double Sided Tape- Easily!

Double-sided tape is one of my favorite kinds of adhesives, But many people don't like using it because it takes a decade to remove the Release Liner (the plastic cover sheet).

With tweezers, It takes about two seconds to remove it. Grip tightly, And pull. DONE!

Pro-Tip: This can be pretty useful for preparing Band-Aids (aka bandages)

Step 2: Use Plastic Tweezers for Magetworking

Many of my projects include magnets which are glued to different materials.

Often times, The magnet doesn't stick properly, And I have to hold it in place while the adhesive dries, But this is where the problems start: My hand is too shaky and the glue gets smeared everywhere, I also can't use Needle-Nose Pliers, Because the magnet sticks to them...

To solve this problem, I bought a 7-in-1 set of Plastic Tweezers on eBay for ~$1, Now I can use them to place the magnets without any problems!

Pro-Tip: If you make a Magnetic Pegboard like the one I made, This tip is really useful for gluing tiny magnets (The magnets that hold small tools)

Step 3: Unsoldering- Faster!

This tip is useful for people like me that like to salvage components from junk circuit boards:

Many components are hard to unsolder, So most people stick a screwdriver the component, Unsolder it, And then pick it up to put it in its place with tweezers. To make the process easier: I pull or push it out with tweezers, And then put it in its place. This also limits the chance of the component flying off the board, Not only can it get lost, But it can also be dangerous

Oh, And did you see my Homemade Helping Hands Vice in the picture? Check out my Instructable on How To Make it!

Step 4: Pull Out a Specific Screw From a Big Pile

How many times did you try pulling out a specific screw from your enormous screw pile with your hand only to have it fall in deeper? Definitely way too many...

Pull it out with Tweezers! What could be easier?

Pro-Tip: Similar to this tip, You can also pull out seeds from fruits with tweezers, Instead of with a fork, Which takes hours. This is especially useful while eating oranges and watermelons!

Step 5: Remove Burnt Food From the Toaster

Removing burnt food from your toaster, Or bread that has gotten stuck way too far. It doesn't matter, This chore is always a nightmare. Now NOT!

Pull out the bread with plastic tweezers, It has never been easier!

***Warning: Always unplug the toaster, And use plastic (insulated) tweezers only! Getting shocked from mains voltage is deadly***

Step 6: Helping Hand for Hammering Nails

You probably know the feeling of nailing a nail in the wall, And smashing your finger during the task. I don't think that was fun...

Instead, Grip the nail tightly with tweezers, And then hammer it in. This technique makes it more comfortable and safer to hammer nails into the wall

Pro-Tip: This can also work for screws

Step 7: Remove Coin Cell Batteries From Toys

Many kids' toys have those annoyingly tiny "Coin-Cell" Batteries which are a pain to replace, To make things easier: Pull out the batteries with tweezers!

Warning: Use plastic tweezers only, Metal tweezers might make a Short-Circuit which is a fire hazard. This is dangerous even when you think the batteries are dead.

Step 8: Flip Pancakes the Easy Way!

I showed my mom how easy it is to flip our small pancakes in the cooking pan. No more mess, Spatula, Or burnt fingers!

These pancakes are small which means they weigh less, So they're easy to flip with tweezers!


Don't forget to Follow me on Instructables, I have over 60 Instructables that I'm sure you'd like!

If you have any other unusual uses for tweezers, Post them in the comments below!

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    8 Discussions

    Alaskan Bev

    1 year ago

    All good ideas, thanks! I bought a large pair of bamboo tweezers for using in/with the toaster. I also have a cute little pair of tweezerish rubber-coated tiny hands for the toaster, but they are more effective as a decorator touch than they are functional. Another 'ible on this site shows how to make toast removers with popsicle sticks. I found tongue depressors to work better than those, though.

    1 reply
    Yonatan24Alaskan Bev

    Reply 1 year ago

    Thanks! I've seen that I'ble, I think I've commented on it too. Bamboo is probably better since it won't melt too.


    1 year ago

    Just wanted to mention when holding a nail, if you slide the nail to the closed end it helps steady it and makes it a little easier to grip, you then just need to put a little pressure on the "tweezing" end to hold it. Cool ideas for this instructable.

    1 reply

    3 years ago

    I use mine to pull stickers (the cheaper kind with no empty space around them) off the sheet, works great

    1 reply

    Reply 3 years ago

    Cool idea! Thanks for sharing!


    3 years ago



    3 years ago