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How to get fuller lips with just a toothbrush, Vaseline, cinnamon, and some makeup.

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Step 1: Preparing Le Lips.

first dry brush your lips with a toothbrush. take about twenty seconds on each lip.

then add vaseline and cinnamon together in a container.
apply the cinnamon concoction to your lips.
then use the brush to brush in the moisture.

wipe your lips with a tissue.
they should be pretty moist, but just to be safe..
apply regular clear chapstick.

Step 2: So Far..

this is what your lips should look like so far, a little plumper than usually right?

Step 3: Lip Lining

with a light brown eye pencil out line the very edges of your lips.
it'll look like you have chocolate on your face. cx
take your pinky and dab downward/upward towards your teeth.

Step 4: Lipstick

with a lipstick of your choice, take a brush and lightly paint it on your lips. making sure to get all of the inside of what's outlined.

Step 5: More Lipstick

take a darker shade and paint the corners and around the middle.

paint what's inside the drawings.

Step 6:

using a highlighter or lighter than your skin tone foundation make a medium size circle above your cupids bow. then blend the highlighter down and outwards.

Step 7:

taking the same highlighter dab a little on your bottom lip. put your lips together and blend. it should look like your middle of the lips is shone upon by a light.

Step 8: Outlining.. Again

take a white pencil and outline your m of your top lip.
blend downwards.

Step 9: Finished

this should be your final product.

please leave in the comments if this helped any,

and ill always answer requests and answers.


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