$0 Binder Laptop Stand (the Cheapest Ever?)

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My wife is a teacher and she has lots of binders laying around, from time to time she just throws way the older or the damaged ones...

One day I looked at one that was pretty damaged and suddenly I got this idea of cutting way the cover board to make the most cheapest laptop stand possible.

All you need is a pair of scissors or an x-act knife to cut out the board just enough to cover the metal rings!

The laptop is very stable and portable too, since it's very lightweight you can easily carry it around anywhere.
You can even put the laptop inside the binder!

Step 1: Cut Cardboard Cover

Use a pair of scissors, or an x-acto knife to cut the binder's cover just enough to cover the metal rings inside

Step 2: All Done!

That's it! Removing the top cover increases the airflow a lot.

Now take it with you anywhere.



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    Reply 2 years ago

    Yes ;) and my main objective was to repurpose the binders that otherwise would end in the trash. The airflow is really really good, and the laptop never goes beyond warm instead of beyond too hot like it usually was.