$0 Spool and Bobbin Rack

Introduction: $0 Spool and Bobbin Rack

About: Like to solve everyday life little problems. I'm curious about things I don't know much. Like to do things that require and allow creativity.

I made this sewing corner spool and bobbin rack with following things which have no original purpose any more but litter the house:

A tea cup neither liked nor cared to throw away.

A retired baby bottle rack (which cost $5 new at Walmart).

A Styron foam ball which was bought years ago and don't remember for what.

Some rocks from a broken small plant pot.

All I did was cutting the Styron foam ball in half, applying some Barge glue on the flat surface of the half ball and the bottom of the cup to glue it in place, sticking the bottle rack in the Styron foam, adding the rocks to weigh the rack in place and as decoration. It literally took no time.

Small projects like this make me feel great. There are many nice projects here I see and like and then sigh due to on a budget of money, time, and space. Hope you'll share your small but clever use of things that otherwise are useless.

Thanks for stopping by.

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