0,- Charging Station for Phones

Introduction: 0,- Charging Station for Phones

You know the problem.

You have several devices in your household, and each one of them needs a different charger. So you have multiple chargers on multiples plugs laying around in your entire flat.

I desperately needed a solution for the chaos and found many ideas on the web. And this is my individual solution for coping with all the cables and plugs.

Step 1: A Box You Don´t Need Anymore

In my case i took a box, that i bought years ago at a local home depot but never really used.

So i had it laying around for ages and now finally i got use of it.

Step 2: Coloring and Notch for Cable

First i cut a little notch in the side to lay the powercord outside. Then i painted the whole box using waterbased color that was in my shelf for ever now.

I didnt need to cut anything else because the box already had handles to pull the Phone cables through.

Step 3: Painting on Top

Finally, when all the paint dryed, i added the icon on top of the box.

I tryed different techniques to apply the icon, but in the end, the best way was to use maskingtape.

I masked the outlines of the Batterysymbol with tape and then cut the inner parts with a sharp knife.

After that i just painted the cutout parts with a small brush and white paint.

Thats it. Now i have a very nice piece to put all my cables and chargers in. And it didnt cost me anything, just an hour of work including the time for the paint to dry.



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    Nice! My wife will definitely want one when she sees this. So simple and so functional. Awesome you found a use for that box.