0.5mm Precision Solder Pencil... or Got Lead?





Introduction: 0.5mm Precision Solder Pencil... or Got Lead?

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Moved this tutorial to Steemit Thank you Instructables for helping me perfect my hobby. But I gotta do what is right for my work and myself.




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    One possible (though a bit more complicated) improvement, perhaps, would be to add a spool holder and a flexible tube to guide the solder from the spool to the pencil (but maybe this isn't even an issue).

    Maybe take a spool holder like


    a plumbing adapter with thread & nut to clamp onto that (probably enlarged) hole and a barb to attach to a rubber tube, which will hopefully fit on the other end to the pencil by friction, pipe clamp, tape, or glue. End result being something like


    Very clever, easy re-purposing. As others are saying, one of those "Why didn't I think of that" ideas.

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    Awesome... I was looking at making a dispenser just like the electric one you linked... Now I have an idea to start from. Thanks Kinscore.

    Got to try it out actually soldering today. About 10 clicks feeds enough solder to solder a pin on a through the hole board. The bar for the Dremel Vise works great for holding the roll.

    Oh and the Hakko 888 Digital solder station is sweet, It replaced a cheap 25w Weller iron and I will never go back.

    10 clicks solder 10 clicks solder 10 clicks solder. Done


    Yes they do. When I was 3 my Mom used to say that she was going to send me to live with the squirrels as I was a nut.

    No you're nut a not!

    And thanks for sharing such a clever and wonderful dea.

    Thanks guys I figured may as well toss this out there as it was a dead simple tip. I also speculate that .7 and .9mm pencils with the same diameter solder would work just as well.

    yes it should work as long as the pencil doesnt have pull the whole weight of the spool

    wow.. why didn't I ever think of that. my fingers don't have to smell like solder anymore...lol. nice job.

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    I sure wish I'd thought of that hack 40 years ago when I worked in a micro-min board repair shop. Great idea!

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