1 Dollar Zip Tie Multipurpose Gopro Mount




In this instructable I'm going to show you how to make a multi purpose Gopro mount with just one dollar or less..

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Step 1:

first gather the stuff you need:
- A Gopro camera (any type)

- A Gopro quick release buckle (included in packaging)

- A Gopro adhesive flat mount (one included in packaging) almost one dollar at amazon

- A knife (any king will do) - One zip tie (reusable zip tie recommended)

- One hard plastic credit card or business card

Step 2:

Now use your knife to cut a strip of the adhesive mount.

The strip should almost be as thick as your zip tie and cut your mount as shown in the picture.

Now remove cover of the mount.

Step 3:

Now place your zip tie inside the strip you cut out. Then place your card on the mount as shown in the picture so it covers the zip tie. The closer the cage of the zip tie is to your mount the better

If the card pokes out a bit just cut it out using a cutter or the knife.

Step 4: Voila

Here you go. A multipurpose Gopro mount.

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