$1 Lamp



Introduction: $1 Lamp

Ever wonder what to do with all the old chopsticks? You can make a lamp out of them!

Here are the materials and apparatus you will need for making this lamp:

1. 23x46 inch foam core

2. 23 pair of chopsticks

3. Light bulb and a cord

4. Instant glue and hot glue

5. Sand paper

6. Driller and band saw

Step 1: Make Two Sticks That Connect the Lampshade and the Base

1. Lengthen the chopstick accordingly- the length of the stick should be around 13.5 inch

2. Drill a hole at the top of the stick

3. Cut a chopstick that has the length of 1 inch

4. Pierce 1-inch chopstick through the hole. Use instant glue to stable it if necessary.

Step 2: Make a Base for Your Lampshade

1. Cut a regular hexagon with a side length of 2 inch

2. Cut a small rectangle in the middle of the hexagon and then allow you lamp cord pass through it

3. Cut a circle that is large enough to cover the rectangle you just cut. Poke a hole in the center of the circle and cut a line connecting the circumference and the hole.

4. Put the circle on top of the rectangular hole and use it as a clamp for your cord.

5. Stick the light bulb on top of the circle

Step 3: Make the Lampshade

1. Cut six identical pieces (with the size 2x6 inch from the foam core)

2. Use sand paper to sand the long edges down (such that when you look at the pieces from above you can see a thin long trapezoid)

3. Poke a hole in two of the pieces (approximately one inch from the edge) and then allow the 1-inch chopstick (see step 1) to pass through the hole. Use hot glue gun to fix the position of the chopstick.

4. Stick the six pieces together surrounding the base made in step 2.

Step 4: Make the Base of the Lamp

1. Glue two pairs of chopsticks side by side (it is better to glue the thicker end of one pair of chopstick to the thinner end of the other pair of chopstick to balance the width of the chopstick)

2. Repeat substep 1 for 3 times. Stack and glue the three of them.

3. Repeat substep 1 and 2 once to get two thick block of chopsticks.

4. Drill a hole on top of the thick stick (approximately 1 cm away from the edge) and another hole at the side ways of the thick stick ( also approximately 1 cm away from the edge). Repeat this step for both of the sticks.

5. Stack and glue two pair of chopsticks.

6. Sand the both end of the chopstick made in substep 5 and put it through the sideway hole of the two thick stick. Use instant glue if necessary to fix the position.

7. Put the long stick (see step 1) into the top hole of the thick stick to connect the lampshade and the base.

Step 5: Switch on Your Bulb And... Done!

Thank you for reading this instruction and good luck! :)

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