$1 Lamp



Introduction: $1 Lamp

To create a lamp that will cost $1 you will need to find the materials in the trash or recycle unused materials found.


- wood

- pvc pipe

- thick paper

- poster

- 5 gallon water jug

- glue gun

- wood stain

- white spray paint (one that adheres to plastic)

- lamp necessities (light bulb, socket, wire, plug)

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Step 1:

Cut the top and bottom of a 5 gallon water jug for the base and the lamp shade for your lamp.

Step 2:

Cut wood into circles to cover the edges of the cut up water jug. Sand it, stain it, and then glue it.

Step 3:

Create a base by cutting 3 circles into a foam poster and cut a slit in the middle layer and a hole in the top layer for the cord to go through.

Step 4:

Put the wire through the pvc pipe tubes and the base

Step 5:

Glue/secure the pieces together.

Step 6:

Spray paint the pvc pipe with a semi gloss spray. Make sure you completely cover the lamp shade and base.

Step 7:

Add strips of paper to add accents to the piece and to clean up unclean edges.

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