1 Plywood Pallet Top = 7 Projects. 1 Contre-plaqué Récup, 7 Projets. Un Contrachapado, 7 Proyectos

About: I am an escapee from modern life, now living by the sea in a forest garden in France. After over 20 years industrial experience, I quit my managerial position to study for a degree in Engineering. That done ...

I picked up a large pallet with a plywood top and set myself the challenge to use all of it in as many ways as I could. Here's the first two projects I came up with. All the best, Andy.
J'ai ramassé une grande palette en contre-plaqué et me suis donné le défi d'utiliser tout cela d'autant de façons que je pouvais. Voici les deux premiers projets. Bon Récup , Andy.
Cogí una gran paleta de madera contrachapada y me entregué al reto de utilizar todo esto en tantas formas como pudiera. Estos son los dos primeros proyectos. Buen bricolaje! Andy.

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    I love the wedge clamp, and of course a new bench top is always welcome. Can't wait to see what else you come up with.