1$ Walnut Crib (gift)

Introduction: 1$ Walnut Crib (gift)

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With the adventof Christmaswe think ofwhat to give.
A phone, atablet,a laptop,
Butalsoto dothingsourselveswhydoyouteachthis giftcompletelyhandmade andfor lessthan a dollar.

If you don't know what could be the best present in this Christmas, give your love!.

Sorry for my bad english. XD

Let`s star.

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Step 1: You Need

You need:


-1 saw
-1 screwdriver
-2 toothpick
-1 marker (preferablyblack)
-1 brush


-1 walnut  0,05~$
-glue 0,60~$
-paints 2~$ (for color but You can do many more things).

Step 2: Cut the Walnut

Make a line with the marker and cut with the saw.

Step 3: Clean

Clean the walnut with the screwdriver

Step 4:

1. fill the hole with plasticine.

2.giveground texturewith stick

Step 5:

Paint the floor with brown.

Step 6:

Make 6 balls of plasticine for each caracter.

Findmoreintuccionesin photos.

Step 7: Finish

Use glue to paste the characters on crib.

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