1 Lb Propane Refill

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This project is great if your a camper or into survival. The basis of this project is to save you money by refilling your old empty 1 lb propane tanks using a common 20 lb propane tank. The main thing to be able to do is an adapter that you can find online and purchase very easily.

you can order one of these here

Step 1: Supplies:

All you will need for this is multiple 1 lb empty propane tanks

20 gallon propane tank

20 lb to 1 lb adapter

cinder block to elevate 20 lb tank

fridge to cool 1 lb tanks

Step 2: Filling the 1 Lb Tanks:

Refilling the 1 pound propane tanks is pretty straight forward. First off safety is the most important thing. Make sure when refilling you are outside and that there are no open flames when doing it. The best way to fill them is to put the 1 lb tanks in the fridge to get them cold. This will help the propane fill better. Screw in the adapter to the 20 lb tank. The threading on theses are opposite to normal. I used cinder blocks to prop up the tank so that you can reach under and turn on the 20 lb tanks. Screw in the 1lb tank into the 20 lb tank in the up right position.then flip the connected tanks over onto the concrete slabs. Now all you need to do is turn on the 20 lb tank all the way and let the 1 lb tank fill up. You will hear the tank filling. Wait until you don't hear the filling turn off the 20 lb tank flip over to right side up and unscrew the 1 lb tank.



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    3 years ago

    I thinks it dangerous ,what ever empty tanks to refills will be explosion,says....chemical industry tank..,lighting gas,..compression adjustment....or safety pressure valve when we refill oxygen ,,,,take action..! Could seriously injured


    4 years ago

    keep in mind propane cylinders are to never be filled past 80% example a 20lb tank will never be filled past 16lb

    1 reply

    Reply 3 years ago on Introduction

    A 20Lb tank is filled to 20Lbs. The weight is nominal. 20Lbs does not refer to the amount of product it holds nor its weight. Its the total weight of the tank and product at a specific Capacity. Its a 20# tank thats about 4.5 gallons. So a 1# tank should weight 1# when full.


    4 years ago on Introduction

    I've often wondered about this. the OPD is supposed to shut off when the liquid raises it up. If you flip the tank it should float and stay open as long as the tank is pretty full.


    4 years ago

    This doesn't work with newer 20 pound USA tanks as they have a shut off valve if turned upside down
    40 pound and over do not have the valve. Transporting a refilled 1lb tank is a federal crime.