1 Minute Fake Depth of Field [FASTEST AND EASIEST!]





Introduction: 1 Minute Fake Depth of Field [FASTEST AND EASIEST!]

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Welcome! I Will teach you the fastest way on faking "Depth of field"

This is the easiest and fastest technique I know, so I am sharing this .

What is "Depth of field"?

Depth of field is the blurred part in an image which defines how far the object from the from the focused object by blurring it.

What software?

I use Adobe Photoshop Cs3. Photoshop Cs3 up will do the job.


It took me only 26 seconds to finish the project However, you can be Faster or slower than me depending on your photoshop experience.

Step 1: Open and Duplicate Layer

1. Open your image by pressing CTRL + O then select your image

2. Duplicate layer by right clicking on the layer and press Duplicate

Step 2: Blurring

1. Apply the Gaussian blur. Go to Filter >Blur >Gaussian Blur.

After applying blur, you'll see all parts are blurred.

2. A window with a blur preview will pop up after applying blur. Now, set the radius to 2.7

Step 3: Masking

Let us apply a layer mask

By Going to the lower Layers panel there is a Square with a Circle Icon Click that and it will add something on your layer

Step 4: Putting the Depth of Field

We are removing the blur from our subject that we want to focus.

First, set the foreground color to BLACK and the background color to WHITE

Then, Press the Gradient tool by Pressing G (NOTE: If you press G and it switched on Paint bucket Right click on it and press GRADIENT TOOL).


With the gradient tool, Press and drag it where you want to FOCUS.

You can Experiment with different angles and different line sizes to get the best effect.

Step 5: SAVE IT!

Press CTRL + SHIFT + S then Choose your file name and File format then press SAVE

Step 6: DONE!


(tell me if you are faster than me :P)

Credits and Thanks goes to Howard Pinsky



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    9 Discussions

    You can also use a digital camera with manual control to open what we call an "f stop" to determine DOF. :-)

    1 reply

    This is awesome. You never know when you want a little depth after you've taken the picture. Thanks a lot!

    1 reply

    More accurately, you are faking a shallow depth of field. I don't think you have a good grasp of the term, but okay.

    1 reply

    Although "shallow" it'll still do the trick for some projects as flyers for example. It will be nice if you make a series of this tips :)

    1 reply