1 Minute Mouse Trap(april Fools Contest)

Hello people

This is a funny small computer based trick you can perform on APRIL FOOLS DAY to fool your friends coworkers and others specially when they urgently want to use their pc

warning-do on your own risk

Step 1: Stuff You Needthe Following Is the Material You Would Be Needing

the following is the material you would be needing for this trick

1.stick - on notes(dark colors are favored)

2.A Gel Pen

3.A pc optical mouse

4.A pc

5.A victim

Step 2: The Working

its simple 

just write april fools day or any note you want the victim to read and stick it at the bottom of the mouse

Step 3: For Standerd Mouse

(Note if they have a standard mouse, you can perform the same trick by taping a piece of paper over the ball underneath the mouse.)



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