1 Minute Auto-dispensing Tape





Introduction: 1 Minute Auto-dispensing Tape

The purpose of this project is to modify a cellotape in order to avoid the need of a scissor. In fact this design allows the tape to dispenses itself. This design was inspired by a similar one made by Zhichuan Tang.
It's super simple and super useful. Watch the video for an example.

Step 1: Needed Material

  • tape
  • cutter 

Step 2: Do a V Cut Into the Tape

  • Start with a little v-shaped cut on the top of the tape (see second pic.)
  • Slowly enlarge the cut with the cutter.
WARNING: the tape is stikky and quide hard to cut, please be patient and do not hurry while cutting

Step 3: Enjoy Your Self-cutting Tape

If the length of the pieces of tape is too long, add more v-shaped cuts to the tape.



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    16 Discussions

    Nice, but you waste a long time pulling on the strip (beginning of video). Another trick is needed here. Or buy a scotch tape

    1 reply

    You can have longer pieces if you want. It depends on where you keep your fingers